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PR and Management Workshop for Creative Industries

Small PR Draft

This project will be further developed as 'Creativity&Business'.
The project consists of three parts:
1) Anna is planning to explore the creative sector in Vienna
2) find and meet innovative business representatives in the creative industry and ask about their demands for job seekers
3) help creative people to find stable jobs by improving their skills to meet employers' requirements.

PR & Management Workshop for Artists and Musicians aims to prepare young specialists as well as all interested to face and overcome Public Relation and Management challenges in their career.

Target Groups: Individuals, having education, interest, experience or occupations connected to creative industries: Advertising and marketing, Architecture, Crafts, Design: product, graphic and fashion design, film, TV, video, radio and photography, IT, software and computer services, Publishing, Museums, galleries and libraries, Music, performing and visual arts.

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Project - Creativity&Business - started in 2017

CBWhat is Creativity & Business project about?

In short: Research, Networking, Workshops, Innovation and Jobs  in EU Creative Sector with focus on Austria. It is aimed to help creative people to find or create stable jobs.

Keywords: art & culture professionals, employment, social inclusion, research, innovation, training, workshops

Motto of the project is: Be creative, think business, and act now!

Locations: Austria, Vienna

Many small and medium sized Art and culture institutions in Europe need professional management. Insuring the functionality and positive publicity for high quality performing art projects is considered as main priority in cultural industry of today. The project is currently being prepared for EU funding and grants from the local governments. The project phases and the timeline are subject to adaptation to the real life situation and will be further developed and evolved.

Why do we need this project?

Creative people often lack business skills, on the other handside businesses are often afraid to risk their economic stability for new ideas.

Art and culture institutions, small ones in particular, need professional management. Building a bridge between arts and business is vital for quality and survival of the cultural entities. On the other hand side, commercial companies can greatly benefit from integrating art and culture creativity and ideas for new product formation. The undisturbed function and high quality art projects are prerequisites for the Art and culture institutions to be taken seriously by businesses.  

Based on the experience most of the managers in the field of performing arts are former artists, who had to ‘’re-qualify’’ themselves as they realized the importance of management. Not having educational background in management, these culture managers spend hours on completing organizational tasks - lowering quality of performances themselves. As a result, many interesting projects fail in structure and coordination.

Therefore the structural approach to manage performing arts projects from the point of business and sales coordination is important.

Whos is this project for?

Individuals, having education, interest, experience or occupations connected to creative industries:

  1. Advertising and marketing
  2. Architecture
  3. Crafts
  4. Design: product, graphic and fashion design
  5. Film, TV, video, radio and photography
  6. IT, software and computer services
  7. Publishing
  8. Museums, galleries and libraries
  9. Music, performing and visual arts

Focus on social inclusion of innovative youth and young professionals.


How can I participate?

There are various ways to benefit, participate and contribute.

-You can start by joining the community via social network, share, discuss and post:


Creativity&Business Vienna: 

Kunst&Kultur Jobs in Wien:  

- Attend the meetups, workshops and courses: 

-Donate to the project: 

-Become an affiliate or a project partner, become a sponsor, facilitate the Creativity & Business Workshops and courses: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!



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Culture Partners Vienna - a New Non-Profit Association

web Verein Anna Logo

We are glad to announce that a new association (Verein) has been founded.

'Culture Partners' is aimed to connect cultural projects, artists and authors.

Founders - Anna Tögel, Martina Montanari, Paul Fallnbügl (†)

ZVR Number - 970558810

Issued by  - Landespolizeidirektion Wien, Referat Vereins-, Versammlungs- und Medienrechtsangelegenheiten

Please feel free to contact us for membership conditions and possibilities to apply your Art&Culture projects for management and subsidizing.

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Concert - Les chemins de l’amour - 04.03.2016, 19h30

12745880 502382386630978 8015427214882429339 nMusica et Theatrum presents: Les chemins de l’amour

Christiana Serafin de Ocampo, Sopran, Teppei Soeda, Piano

«Mélodies» french composers H. Duparc, E. Chausson, C. Debussy, F. Poulenc, R. Hahn

Enjoy this special and relaxing evening!

The 4th of March 2016, Friday, 19h30

Buy Tickets

Haus Hofmannsthal, Reisnerstr. 37, 1030 Wien,

Photo: K. Havlicek, Banner Design A. Tögel

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Season 2016

CPV web Projects 2016

After months of hard work the 'Season 2016' is finally ready to be presented to our cooperation partners and sponsors!

There is a catalogue-portfolio available digitally as well as in print.

Contact Us for more Information


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