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Anna Tögel is a Culture Manager in the field of Classical Music Administration. She lives and works in Vienna, Austria. Her professional experience includes international communication, strategic project planning, innovative implementation, brand management, art promotion and event organization. She fluently speaks Russian, English and German.

Anna Tögel's Professional competences include:

  • Culture management and marketing
  • Graphics & design of media publications
  • Art & Culture networking
  • International projects

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The Offer 2015-2016

Anna Tögel and her partners provide management services to Performing Art & Culture organizations, companies and associations. The following genres are included:

  • Classical music & experience staging
  • Opera
  • Theatre & musical theatre
  • Dance
  • Spoken word & recitation
  • Film
  • Public speaking.

If you have a project in one of these genres  - trust us, free your head and just focus on your Project Vision! 

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Job Search in 2017

If your company is in search for a project planner, online marketing specialist and content manager, think of me.


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The Permanent Projects

In Planning: PR and MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP for Artists and Musicians

Small PR Draft

PR & MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP for Artists and Musicians has its goal to prepare young specialists as well as all interested to face and overcome Public Relation and Management challenges in their career.

This project is in a stage of planning.





CMG - Classical Musicians' Group Vienna

CMG Logo

CMG (Classical Musicians Group) established by Anna Tögel and Dmitry Zabrodin in February 2014 is a group of young musicians, who strive to achieve proficiency and meet Viennese high quality standards in classical music performance. The goal of CMG is to organise independent concert activity, network with other arts organisations and provide young talented musicians with opportunities to master their performing skills. Music students of various specialism attend regular rehearsals to collaborate and enrich each other's performing experience, which broadens their artistic horizons and increases their artistic potential. Our international team is glad to welcome any new members of all occupations and embody new artistic ideas so together we would make the music life of the charming Vienna brighter!

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Master Thesis & Classical Music Tourism Research

web thesis''There have been few publications on the concept of Classical Music Tourism, whereas significant amount of literature on music and tourism as independent, non interrelated phenomena exists. However, a number of attractions provide their guests unforgettable experiences, combining elements of classical music staging, innovation and Imagineering. The thesis identifies Classical Music Tourism in a reference to the contemporary world. Based on case studies in Salzburg and Vienna the aspects of classical music experience are observed, discussed, as well as future tendencies in customer experience personalization analyzed.

Hereby presented Thesis is aimed to support practical tourism sector with deeper theoretical knowledge of existing best practice examples. This research is one of the first attempts to discuss CMT from a new perspective of Imagineering, staging and, which is especially important nowadays; customer personalization. As an outcome of the study, theme of classical music attraction is suggested. The author believes the present research can be useful contribution to the literature in the field of Classical Music Tourism, which needs to be theoretically (scientifically) developed. The study also has marketing and conceptual implications for tourism and event management in destinations.''
Anna Tögel, 2014

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